Elevate Your Bathroom with Moen Brantford Roman Tub Faucet

Elevate Your Bathroom with Moen Brantford Roman Tub Faucet

Looking to add a touch of traditional elegance⁣ to‌ your bathroom? Look no further than the Moen Brantford Brushed Nickel 2-Handle Deck‌ Mount Roman Tub Faucet Trim Kit, Valve Required, T4943BN. With ‍its intricate architectural details, tapered spout, globe finial, and two lever‍ handles for temperature and flow control, this faucet is sure to elevate the look of your bath space. Plus, the LifeShine brushed nickel finish ensures long-lasting ​durability. Find out more about ​our experience ⁣with this stunning faucet in‌ our review.

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When⁤ it comes⁣ to adding a ⁤polished traditional touch ⁢to your bathroom, the Moen Brantford Brushed Nickel Roman Tub Faucet Trim Kit is an excellent choice. This trim kit features intricate architectural details like a tapered spout, globe finial, ⁤and two lever handles that allow you to easily control water temperature and flow. The LifeShine brushed nickel finish‍ resists flaking and corroding, ensuring the faucet looks‍ beautiful for the lifetime of its ​use. Plus, the faucet is compatible with the Moen M-PACT valve system, making it simple‌ to ​update your trim kit without the need to touch ⁣the plumbing.

  • Requires Moen valve 4792, 4793, 4794, 4796, 4797, or 4798 for ⁣installation
  • Two-handle lever handles for ‍easy water temperature adjustment
  • Can be updated in the future without replacing plumbing
  • Coordinates⁣ with other Brantford ⁤Collection faucets and accessories
  • ADA compliant‌ for accessibility

With its‌ warm and inviting brushed nickel​ finish, ⁣this Moen⁣ Brantford Roman‍ Tub ​Faucet Trim Kit is sure to enhance the style of any three-hole ​bath. Its ⁣durable construction and timeless design make it an excellent addition to ‍any bathroom space. Transform your bathing experience with this high-quality and versatile ⁣faucet trim kit today!

Feature Detail
Finish Brushed Nickel
Valve Compatibility Moen ‍4792, 4793, 4794, 4796, 4797, 4798
Flow Control Two-Handle Lever Handles

Upgrade your bathroom with the Moen Brantford Roman Tub Faucet Trim Kit⁣ today!

Stylish Design⁢ and Construction

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When it ‌comes to the ‍Moen Brantford Brushed Nickel⁢ 2-Handle Deck Mount Roman Tub Faucet Trim Kit, one ‌of the first things that caught our attention was the .​ The⁢ intricate‌ architectural details, tapered ‍spout, and globe finial really give this faucet a polished traditional touch. The⁢ brushed nickel finish provides a warm and inviting look that adds a touch of elegance to​ any bathroom decor. Additionally, the two​ lever handles make it easy to adjust the ⁤water temperature and flow, ‌giving you​ complete ⁣control.

We also love the fact that ⁣this trim kit is part​ of​ the Moen M-PACT ⁤valve system, allowing for long-standing flexibility. This means that you can easily update ⁣the faucet style in the future without having ​to ‍replace any plumbing. The faucet ‍is⁤ ADA compliant, making‌ it ‌accessible for ​all users, and it​ coordinates beautifully ⁤with ⁢other⁢ faucets and accessories in the Brantford Collection. If you’re looking to add durable ⁣style and functionality to your bathroom, the Moen‌ Brantford Brushed⁤ Nickel 2-Handle Deck Mount Roman Tub Faucet Trim⁢ Kit is definitely worth considering. Check ​it⁣ out and elevate your​ bathroom design today!

Easy Installation and Use

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When it ⁤comes to installation and use, we found ⁢the Moen Brantford Roman Tub Faucet Trim Kit to be incredibly user-friendly. The detailed instructions provided made the⁤ installation process a breeze, even for those who are not ⁤experienced in plumbing. We were pleasantly surprised by how easy it was⁣ to ‌set up the faucet without the need to call a professional‌ plumber.⁢ The Moen M-PACT⁤ valve system also impressed us, as ⁤it allows for easy updates to the trim kit without having to mess with the plumbing,⁣ providing long-lasting flexibility.

Using ⁤the Moen Brantford Roman Tub Faucet was a delight. The two-handle lever handles made it simple to adjust the water temperature to our liking, giving us⁤ total control over our bathing experience. The brushed nickel finish not only added a ‍touch of elegance ⁢to our bathroom but also proved‍ to be durable⁤ and resistant to flaking and corrosion. ⁢Overall,‌ this⁤ faucet trim kit is ⁣a perfect blend⁢ of style and functionality, making it a great addition to any three-hole bath. If you’re looking for a hassle-free installation ⁣and a ⁢user-friendly experience, we ‌highly ⁢recommend checking out the​ Moen Brantford ⁣Brushed ⁤Nickel Roman Tub Faucet ‌Trim Kit! Check it out here.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

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After ⁢thoroughly examining the Moen Brantford ‍Brushed Nickel 2-Handle Deck‌ Mount Roman Tub Faucet Trim Kit, we‌ are impressed with⁤ its polished traditional design and durable ‍construction. The intricate architectural details, including the tapered spout and globe finial, create a timeless​ look that‍ will elevate any bathroom decor. The ⁤two lever ⁤handles provide easy control over water temperature and flow, making it a practical choice‍ for everyday use.

The Moen‍ Brantford Trim Kit ⁣is not⁤ only visually appealing but also highly functional. The LifeShine brushed nickel finish ensures long-lasting ⁢beauty by resisting flaking and corrosion. Additionally, the faucet is ⁣compatible with the Moen M-PACT valve system, offering ⁢flexibility for⁢ future updates without the need to ​replace ⁣plumbing. Overall, we highly recommend ⁤this Roman ‌tub faucet trim kit⁤ for ‌those looking to add a touch of ⁤traditional style and durability to their bathroom.

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Customer ​Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

After analyzing ‌the⁢ customer reviews for the Moen Brantford Brushed Nickel 2-Handle Deck ⁤Mount Roman‌ Tub Faucet Trim​ Kit, we‌ have summarized the main points to help you make an informed decision:

Positive ⁣Reviews

Review Pros
Installed this on a new jacuzzi tub. The⁢ faucet fills my 65 gallon jacuzzi tub fast. No complaints ⁢yet. Fast filling, easy installation
Beautiful!⁣ Easy way to update existing faucet Looks great, easy to update
The Moen T4943NB Brantford⁢ faucet is attractive, easy to install, and quiet. Attractive design, easy installation, quiet action
The faucet is reasonably priced⁢ compared to other Moen products, easy to install, and fills the tub in a ⁣reasonable time. Reasonably ⁢priced, easy ​installation, fast filling
Easy to install, works great, looks great. ‌An excellent purchase. Easy installation, great performance, beautiful design

Negative Reviews

Review Cons
Quality Moen fixture, but wasn’t compatible with my existing plumbing valves. Incompatible ‌with existing plumbing
Faucet shows fingerprints and water ⁤spots ‌easily. Fingerprints and ‍water spots
The faucet described as Garden Tub faucet, not Roman ‍Tub faucet. Misleading description. Misleading description

Overall Verdict

Overall, the Moen Brantford Brushed Nickel Roman Tub ‍Faucet Trim Kit has received mostly⁣ positive reviews for its attractive design, easy installation, ⁢and fast ‍filling capabilities. However, some⁢ users have‍ reported⁤ compatibility issues with existing plumbing and misleading descriptions. If​ you’re looking for ⁢a reliable and stylish tub⁣ faucet, this ⁣product could ⁣be a great choice.

Pros &‌ Cons

Pros ‍& Cons


  • Polished traditional design
  • Two-handle control for water temperature and flow
  • LifeShine brushed nickel​ finish resists corrosion
  • Compatible with ⁢Moen M-PACT valve system
  • Coordinates with other Brantford​ Collection ⁢faucets


Valve ‍not included
Requires⁢ specific Moen valve‍ for installation

Overall, ⁤the Moen Brantford Roman Tub Faucet is a stylish and durable addition to any ​bathroom. Its traditional ⁤design and quality construction make it a great choice for those looking to elevate their ​space. Just be aware that you’ll need to purchase the valve separately and ensure it’s compatible with this trim kit. ⁤


Q: ⁣Does this Moen Brantford Roman Tub Faucet come with the necessary valve for installation?
A: No, ‌this ⁣trim kit does not include the​ valve. ⁢You will need to ‍purchase Moen valve 4792, 4793, ‍4794, 4796, 4797, or 4798 ‌separately to complete‌ the installation.

Q: Is the temperature easy to control with this faucet?
A: Yes, the two-handle lever⁣ design makes it easy to adjust the‍ water temperature to your liking.

Q: Can I upgrade the style of the ⁢faucet in the future without replacing any ⁢plumbing?
A: Yes, the Moen Brantford Roman Tub Faucet is built on the M-PACT⁢ common valve system, which ​allows you to easily ‌update the ​faucet style without touching the⁤ plumbing.

Q: Does ‌the‍ brushed nickel finish‌ on⁤ this faucet hold up well over time?
A: Yes, the ⁤LifeShine brushed nickel finish resists flaking and corroding for the lifetime ⁢of the faucet, ensuring durable ‌style in your bathroom.

Q: Is this⁤ faucet ADA compliant?
A: Yes,⁢ the Moen Brantford Roman Tub Faucet⁢ complies with Americans⁣ with Disabilities ⁣Act (ADA) ​specifications, making it accessible for all users.

Reveal the Extraordinary

As we wrap up our review of the Moen Brantford Roman Tub Faucet, we’re impressed by its elegant design, durable construction, and easy installation process. This brushed nickel ​beauty is sure to elevate​ the look ⁢of any bathroom with its timeless appeal.

If you’re ready to add⁣ a touch⁣ of classic style to your bath space, we highly recommend​ checking out the Moen Brantford Roman Tub Faucet Trim Kit. Click here to purchase and transform your bathroom: Get your Moen Brantford Roman Tub Faucet now!

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