The Exquisite Delight of Xin Qing Taiwanese Black Tea: An Artful Tea Experience

The Exquisite Delight of Xin Qing Taiwanese Black Tea: An Artful Tea Experience

Welcome to our ⁣product review ​blog ​post,⁢ where we will be sharing our first-hand experience with the Xin‌ Qing Taiwan Black Tea Sun​ Moon Lake⁢ Black Tea Taiwan ‌High Mountain Tea Loose Leaf Black Tea. This extraordinary tea, also known as 台湾红茶 日月潭红茶 高山茶 in Chinese, ⁣is a true⁣ masterpiece from Taiwan.

With a‍ rich history and a reputation ‌that precedes it, Taiwanese high mountain tea, specifically Sun Moon Lake black tea, is​ a ⁤fully⁤ fermented tea that is​ meticulously hand-picked. The exclusivity of the techniques ⁣used in its production contributes⁣ to ‌its worldwide recognition.

One⁢ of ⁤the unique features of Sun⁣ Moon Lake black tea is the⁤ careful selection of one heart and​ two large​ leaves (tea cyanine) during the hand-picking process.‌ This‌ sets it apart⁣ from the ball-shaped tea commonly found in high mountain teas. In Yuchi‌ Township, where the⁣ black tea series originates, there are ⁢four distinctive strains – Hongyu, Assam, Hongyun, and Tibetan Bud.

The making of Taiwanese black tea ⁣takes place in the ‍serene‌ environment of alpine forest tea gardens, ⁢where the tea plants are nourished by ​pure ‌mountain spring water. The leaves are carefully hand-picked and crafted by ⁢tea masters with an impressive 30⁢ years of⁤ experience. ​A delicate 15% fermentation completes its journey through six meticulous processes.

To preserve ‌the ⁤freshness and quality, the⁢ loose tea​ leaves ⁢are thoughtfully vacuum packed in aluminum bags and ⁢tin cans.​ This⁣ ensures that the ‍tea retains its flavor and fragrance⁤ for up to two years, allowing‍ you ‍to savor its ‌exquisite qualities over time.

What truly sets the Xin‍ Qing Taiwan Black Tea⁤ Sun Moon Lake Black Tea‍ apart is its remarkable taste. The natural ⁢and ​smooth flavor is complemented ⁤by subtle floral and fruity notes, creating a delightful sensory experience. Unlike many black teas, this Taiwanese ‍treasure is naturally‍ sweet and pleasantly devoid of any bitterness. The tea ‍soup paints a beautiful‌ amber red hue, and its​ tantalizing fruity aroma‌ envelops you ‌in⁢ a sense of⁢ comfort and⁣ tranquility.

In conclusion, our first-hand experience⁣ with Xin Qing Taiwan Black Tea Sun Moon Lake⁢ Black Tea Taiwan High Mountain Tea Loose Leaf Black ⁢Tea has⁢ confirmed its well-deserved reputation ‌in the world of tea. The‌ craftsmanship,⁤ attention to detail,⁤ and the indulgent flavorscape make it a truly special beverage. So go ahead, treat yourself to a taste of this Taiwanese tradition; you won’t be ⁣disappointed.

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Overview of the⁤ Xin⁤ Qing Taiwan Black Tea Sun Moon Lake Black Tea Taiwan High Mountain ‍Tea Loose Leaf Black Tea Taiwan Tea ⁤台湾红茶 日月潭红茶 高山茶⁣ 75g product

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In our review of the Xin Qing Taiwan Black Tea ⁤Sun Moon Lake Black Tea Taiwan High Mountain Tea, we​ were ‍impressed ⁢by the ‌exceptional quality and craftsmanship of⁢ this tea product. Hand-picked and fully fermented, this Taiwanese high ​mountain ‌tea‍ is a testament to the exclusive ‍technology that⁣ has earned Taiwanese tea ⁢a reputation worldwide.

What sets the⁤ Sun ⁢Moon Lake black tea​ apart is the careful‌ selection of one heart and two ⁣large leaves (tea cyanine),‍ which⁤ are meticulously shaped into bar-shaped tea.​ This ‌distinguishing⁣ feature sets it apart from the​ ball-shaped ⁣tea of high mountain tea. Produced in alpine⁣ forest tea gardens and irrigated with mountain spring water, this tea undergoes 15% light fermentation and is meticulously crafted through six processes by experienced tea masters with 30 years⁣ of expertise.

The ‌taste ⁣of this Taiwan alpine black tea is simply divine. It offers⁤ a natural and smooth flavor‌ with delightful floral and​ fruity aromas. Unlike some black teas, this one is​ naturally sweet and not at all bitter.⁢ The ⁣tea soup, a beautiful amber-red color, exudes a comforting, natural fruity aroma ‌that truly enhances the overall ⁤tea-drinking experience.

Packaged ⁢in⁢ vacuum-sealed aluminum ⁣bags and tin cans, this loose ‍leaf tea stays fresh for up to two years, ensuring that you can enjoy its exceptional quality and flavors for⁢ an extended period of time. If you’re a tea ​connoisseur or simply looking to expand your tea collection, we highly⁢ recommend ‌trying‌ out the Xin ‍Qing Taiwan Black Tea Sun Moon ​Lake Black Tea Taiwan High Mountain​ Tea. It’s a true⁣ gem among Taiwanese teas.

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Highlighting the exceptional quality and⁢ unique flavors of the Xin Qing Taiwan Black Tea

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We are excited to introduce the Xin Qing ⁤Taiwan Black Tea, also known as Sun Moon Lake ⁢black ⁢tea. This tea is a testament to the exquisite craftsmanship and rich heritage of Taiwanese​ tea-making. Hand-picked with utmost⁤ care, the⁢ tea leaves undergo a meticulous ⁣process of fermentation, resulting⁤ in a tea that embodies perfection.

What sets Xin Qing Taiwan Black Tea apart is ​its distinct bar-shaped ⁤dried tea, which​ distinguishes⁢ it from the ball-shaped tea of high mountain varieties. The black tea series in Yuchi‌ Township boasts four‌ strains ‍- Hongyu, ‍Assam, Hongyun, and Tibetan Bud⁣ – each offering ⁤its own unique flavor profile.

Produced in pristine alpine forest tea ⁤gardens ⁢and‌ nourished​ by the pure water of mountain springs, this tea is a testament to⁢ the natural beauty of Taiwan. With thirty years of tea-making experience, our masters craft each batch with ⁣skill ​and precision, lightly fermenting the leaves to achieve the perfect ⁤balance of flavors. The result is⁢ a tea that is ⁢naturally‌ sweet, smooth, and devoid of any bitterness.

When ‍you indulge in a cup ‍of⁢ Xin Qing Taiwan Black Tea,⁤ you will‌ be greeted ⁣by a beautiful amber red tea soup that entices your senses. Its natural fruity⁣ and ⁢floral aromas create ‍a delightful drinking experience that is both comforting and ‌refreshing. Moreover, our tea leaves are packed⁤ with care,⁤ using vacuum-sealed aluminum bags ⁢and tin cans, ensuring that their freshness is preserved for up to two years.

Experience the exceptional quality ⁢and unique flavors of Xin Qing Taiwan Black Tea. Treat yourself to⁤ a⁣ cup of this⁤ exquisite tea and embark on ⁢a journey ⁢of pure enjoyment and relaxation.‍ Purchase your own pack of Xin ‌Qing​ Taiwan ⁣Black Tea today from Amazon and elevate your tea-drinking experience‍ like never ⁢before.

Exploring⁢ the specific⁤ features and remarkable aspects of the Sun Moon Lake Black Tea

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The Sun Moon Lake Black Tea,⁤ also⁢ known as Taiwanese high mountain tea, is a tea product that is ‌distinguished ‍by its full ​fermentation and careful hand-picking process. This unique tea⁣ is crafted with absolute passion and the ‍exclusive technology that ‍has earned Taiwanese tea ‌a worldwide reputation.

One of the notable features of the Sun Moon Lake Black Tea ⁢is its careful selection of tea leaves. Each leaf is hand-picked, ensuring only the finest quality leaves are used in the production process. ⁤With one heart​ and two large leaves (tea cyanine), these tea leaves are shaped into bar-like forms, setting them apart from the ball-shaped tea commonly found in high mountain teas.

The black tea series in Yuchi⁢ Township offers four exciting strains – ​Hongyu,⁣ Assam, Hongyun, and Tibetan Bud. These distinct varieties add to the diverse flavors and characteristics of Sun Moon Lake Black Tea, making​ it⁢ a delightful choice for tea enthusiasts.

Produced​ in alpine forest tea gardens and ‌nourished by mountain spring​ water, Taiwanese black tea carries​ the essence of its natural surroundings. ⁣The hand-picked tea ⁤leaves go through a meticulous ⁢6-step process, guided by tea masters with 30 years of experience. With a gentle 15% fermentation, these leaves‌ retain their natural sweetness while eliminating any⁢ bitterness.

To ensure optimum freshness, the loose tea leaves are meticulously vacuum-packed in aluminum bags and ⁣tin cans. This ‌packaging method sustains the tea’s quality for up to two years, allowing ‌you to savor the delightful flavors ​and aromas at any time.

Indulging in a cup of​ Taiwan’s Sun Moon ‍Lake Black Tea is a treat for the senses. Its pleasant floral and⁢ fruity aromas create a harmonious symphony with its natural and smooth ‌taste. The tea soup presents a captivating amber red color, ​enticing you to savor every sip. This exquisite tea variety is not ⁣only a beverage but a luxurious experience that leaves you feeling refreshed ⁢and invigorated.

Experience the magic of Sun Moon ​Lake Black Tea and embrace‍ the rich heritage of Taiwanese⁣ tea. Immerse yourself in its flavorful depths and embark on a journey of tea⁤ appreciation. ‌Join us in discovering the exquisite wonders of this ⁢remarkable⁢ beverage.

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Providing detailed insights and specific recommendations for enjoying⁣ the Taiwan High Mountain Tea

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When ⁤it‍ comes to⁢ enjoying the Xin ‍Qing Taiwan Black Tea ‌Sun Moon Lake Black Tea ​Taiwan ⁤High Mountain Tea, we ‌have found that there are a few key ⁤factors to consider ​in⁣ order to⁣ fully appreciate ​its unique qualities. ⁣Firstly, it’s important to note that this tea is fully fermented and hand-picked, making it ⁤a​ truly⁣ special ​and exclusive product.

To bring out the best flavors, we ⁣suggest the following steps:

  1. Brewing method: Use water that is⁤ between 195-205°F (90-96°C) to steep the tea ‍leaves. This⁤ temperature range helps extract the optimum flavors and aromas ‌from​ the tea. Steep the ​tea for⁢ around‍ 3-5 minutes⁢ to achieve a well-balanced infusion.

  2. Tea to water ratio: For a delicate and fragrant brew,⁣ we recommend using approximately 2 ⁤grams (1 teaspoon) of loose tea ⁢per 8 ounces (240ml) ⁣of water. Adjust the amount⁣ according to⁣ your preferred strength.

  3. Tea characteristics: The Xin Qing Taiwan Black Tea Sun Moon ⁣Lake Black Tea has a natural sweetness and‍ a smooth ‌taste. It offers⁣ subtle floral and fruity notes ⁢that are truly delightful. The tea soup itself has a beautiful ⁣amber red color, adding ⁣to the overall appeal of the drinking⁤ experience.

  4. Storage: To keep your Taiwan High ​Mountain Tea fresh‍ for up to 2 ‌years, store it in an airtight container away‍ from direct sunlight.‍ The ⁤vacuum-packed aluminum bags or tin cans provided are great for maintaining its quality over time.

In summary, the Xin Qing Taiwan Black Tea Sun Moon Lake Black Tea Taiwan High Mountain Tea captures the essence‍ of Taiwanese tea-making expertise. Its‌ fully fermented nature and hand-picked ​leaves ensure a⁤ high-quality brew, while⁣ the ⁢natural sweetness and smooth ⁤taste ‍make it⁢ a truly enjoyable cup of tea. To experience the wonders of this exceptional tea⁣ for yourself, click here to purchase on Amazon‍ and elevate your tea-drinking experience.

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After reviewing​ multiple customer opinions, we​ would like to share with you our ⁢analysis‌ of the Xin Qing Taiwan Black⁢ Tea. Known for its exquisite⁤ flavors and artful brewing ⁣experience, this tea has garnered positive ‌reviews from tea enthusiasts around the world.

Review Verdict
It is my third time to purchase this tea. It is a good one to make unsweetened ice tea. Positive
Good dollar value. B+ ‌sort of⁣ Red tea. Positive
Has a tiny bite ‌of sweetness. Positive

Review 1: Positive

One customer⁢ expresses their satisfaction ⁢with this tea, mentioning that it is their third time purchasing it. They​ specifically appreciate its suitability for​ making unsweetened ice tea. This versatile quality offers a ⁣refreshing option for those ‌seeking a chilled tea experience.

Review 2: Positive

Another customer points out⁤ the ⁢good ⁢value‍ for money that this tea offers. They also ‍compare it to a “B+” grade of Red‌ tea,‌ showcasing its high quality and rich flavor. Such insights from ​customers contribute to its positive ⁤reputation within the ⁤tea ​community.

Review 3: ​ Positive

A‌ delightful touch of sweetness is highlighted⁣ by this reviewer, indicating‍ a nuanced‌ flavor profile that adds‌ depth to ‍the overall tea experience. This subtle sweetness ‌acts as a pleasant surprise, further enhancing the enjoyment of this tea.

With a consistent stream of positive feedback, ⁣it is⁤ evident that ⁤the Xin Qing Taiwan Black Tea has captivated tea enthusiasts with its unique ⁣qualities⁤ and flavors. Whether enjoyed ​traditionally or experimented with in different recipes, this tea promises to deliver⁢ an artful and exquisite tea⁤ experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Pros & Cons

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Pros ‌& Cons


Pros Description
Natural and ‍Smooth ⁢Taste The Xin Qing Taiwanese Black ‌Tea offers a natural ‌and smooth taste that is​ not bitter. It has a hint of floral and fruity aromas, providing a delightful sensory experience.
Hand-picked and Hand-made The⁣ tea leaves are carefully ⁣hand-picked by experienced tea masters, ensuring high quality. The ​impeccable craftsmanship of‌ the masters with 30 years of tea-making experience adds to the tea’s allure.
Fully Fermented and Exclusive Technology Being⁢ fully fermented, the tea undergoes a ‍meticulous process that brings out its rich flavors and distinctive characteristics. This ⁣process is the exclusive technology that has given Taiwanese tea its worldwide‌ reputation.
Long Shelf Life The loose tea⁤ leaves are vacuum packed ‍in aluminum bags and tin cans,⁣ ensuring their freshness for up to 2 years. This allows tea⁢ enthusiasts to enjoy the⁣ Xin Qing Taiwanese Black⁣ Tea at their own pace.


  • Pricey: The Xin Qing Taiwanese Black‌ Tea may be considered a luxury tea due to its higher price point compared to ordinary teas.
  • Limited Availability: Obtaining⁣ the tea may be challenging outside⁢ of Taiwan due to its ‌exclusive production and‍ distribution.


Q: Is Xin ⁢Qing Taiwanese Black Tea suitable for everyday ​consumption?
A: Absolutely! Xin Qing ⁤Taiwanese Black ‍Tea is perfect for‌ daily indulgence. Its​ natural and smooth taste, coupled with the ‌hint of floral and fruity ⁢aromas, makes it a delightful choice for any time of the day.

Q:⁢ What makes⁣ Xin Qing Taiwanese Black Tea different from other black teas?
A: Xin Qing Taiwanese Black⁢ Tea, also known as Sun Moon Lake Black Tea, stands ⁢out due to its exclusive technology⁢ and​ hand-picked tea leaves. It undergoes⁣ a full fermentation process‌ and is⁢ carefully⁤ made into bar-shaped ⁢tea. This distinct⁢ shape sets it ‍apart from⁣ the⁣ ball-shaped tea commonly found in high mountain teas.

Q: Can​ you describe the taste and aroma⁤ of Xin Qing Taiwanese ⁢Black Tea?
A: Xin ⁤Qing‍ Taiwanese Black ‌Tea⁣ boasts a natural⁢ sweetness without⁤ any hint of bitterness. Its tea soup has a beautiful amber‍ red color, ​and the fragrance exudes a pleasant fruity essence. When ‌sipping this tea, you’ll experience a ⁣smooth and flavorful journey that‍ is ​sure ‌to bring comfort and satisfaction.

Q: How long can the loose tea leaves remain fresh?
A: The loose tea leaves of Xin⁢ Qing Taiwanese Black Tea are vacuum packed in aluminum bags and tin cans, ensuring their freshness for up to ​two​ years.‍ Rest assured that you can enjoy​ this ⁢exquisite ‍tea⁢ at your own pace without worrying about its quality.

Q: Can you provide more information about the ⁢black‍ tea series in Yuchi ‌Township?
A: ‌Certainly! Yuchi​ Township, known for its black tea series, offers four different strains⁤ – Hongyu, Assam, Hongyun, and Tibetan Bud. Each strain possesses distinct characteristics, contributing to the ⁤diverse flavors ‍and aromas⁢ found in ​Taiwanese black tea. Through meticulous ​cultivation and the use of mountain spring water, ‌the tea gardens in Yuchi Township produce top-notch black ‌tea with a global reputation.

Please note: The content of this blog post is⁢ for informational purposes only. Statements concerning dietary‍ supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and‍ should not be seen as⁢ medical advice.‍ It’s always⁤ recommended to consult a healthcare ​professional⁢ before incorporating‌ any new products into your routine.

Experience the Difference

Thank you for joining us on this delightful journey ‌through the world of Xin Qing Taiwanese Black Tea. We hope you’ve enjoyed discovering the artful experience this tea has to offer. From its exquisite taste to ⁢its captivating aroma, this tea truly embodies the rich traditions of Taiwanese tea-making.

As we sipped and savored ‌each ​sip of this high ​mountain tea, we were transported to the serene alpine forests of Taiwan. ‍The hand-picked tea leaves, nurtured by mountain spring ‍water, are a⁣ testament to the meticulous ‌craftsmanship ⁤and expertise of the⁣ tea masters behind this ‍remarkable product.

With its fully fermented leaves and bar-shaped⁤ appearance, ⁣Sun Moon Lake black tea stands apart from its ball-shaped counterparts. The⁤ distinct strains, including Hongyu, Assam, Hongyun, and Tibetan Bud, ​add ⁢depth and complexity to⁣ each‌ cup.

We ⁣were captivated by the natural sweetness and lack of bitterness in every infusion. The amber-red color of the tea soup, coupled with ⁣the‌ subtle ⁢hints of floral​ and fruity aromas, created⁣ a truly comforting ​and enjoyable drinking experience.

And the best part? Xin Qing Taiwanese Black Tea offers ⁣a freshness‌ that can be preserved for up to two years, thanks to its vacuum-packed aluminum bags and tin⁣ can packaging.

If you’re ready to ⁤embark on your own artful tea adventure, we invite you to click on the ⁢link below. Explore the world of Xin Qing Taiwan Black Tea Sun ​Moon Lake Black Tea Taiwan High‍ Mountain Tea‌ Loose ‍Leaf Black Tea Taiwan Tea 台湾红茶 日月潭红茶 高山茶 and indulge in this exquisite delight.

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Embrace the‍ beauty‍ and heritage‌ of Taiwanese tea culture with each brew. Cheers to a sensory ​experience that will awaken your palate and nourish your soul!

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