Ultimate Language Reference Set: Modern Chinese, Oxford English, Ancient Chinese Dictionaries – Review

Greetings, language enthusiasts! Today we​ want to share our ⁤thoughts on a⁢ must-have package for any student of Chinese and English ⁣languages. This school-recommended set ⁤includes ⁣the ‍7th edition of the Modern Chinese Dictionary, the 8th edition of the Oxford Advanced English-Chinese Dictionary, and the 5th edition of⁣ the Commonly Used Ancient Chinese Characters Dictionary. With a ⁢blend of⁤ modern and classic⁤ language references, this set from the Commercial ⁣Press is a treasure trove⁣ for language learners. Join us as we⁢ dive into the world of Chinese and English lexicons ⁣with this comprehensive collection from 商务印书馆 (Commercial Press).

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Upon receiving this recommended set, ⁢we were impressed by the ​comprehensive collection of dictionaries included. The set consists of the 7th edition⁤ of a modern Chinese dictionary, the 8th edition of an⁣ advanced English-Chinese dictionary from Oxford, and the 5th ‍edition ⁢of a commonly used ancient Chinese character‍ dictionary. These dictionaries cover a wide range of language needs for students, teachers, and language enthusiasts alike.

With the ISBN-10 of 7229040051 and the ISBN-13 of 978-7229040055, this set is a valuable resource for anyone looking‌ to expand their‌ language skills. The modern Chinese dictionary provides contemporary definitions ⁢and explanations, while the advanced ‍English-Chinese dictionary offers translations for ⁢more complex terms. The ancient Chinese character dictionary is particularly useful for ‍those studying ‌classical Chinese literature. Overall, this⁢ set ⁣from 商务印书馆 is a must-have for anyone looking ‍to enhance their language proficiency.

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Impressive Selection of Dictionaries

Let us talk about the in this bundle. The package includes the latest edition⁤ of the Modern‍ Chinese ​Dictionary, the Oxford Advanced Learner’s English-Chinese Dictionary, and the‍ Commonly Used Characters Dictionary for Classical Chinese.⁢ This combination ⁤offers a comprehensive range of resources for both Chinese and English learners, catering to various language ‌needs and levels. With these ⁢dictionaries at hand, users can easily look up⁣ words, phrases, and​ characters, making language learning more⁣ efficient and effective.

Each ‍dictionary in the set is meticulously curated ‍to provide‌ accurate definitions, explanations, and ‍examples. The Modern Chinese ‍Dictionary helps users navigate contemporary Chinese language usage, ‍while the Oxford Advanced​ Learner’s English-Chinese Dictionary offers in-depth ‍interpretations ​for English learners. The Commonly Used‍ Characters Dictionary for Classical Chinese serves as‌ a valuable reference for those studying classical Chinese texts. Together, these dictionaries form⁢ a versatile and reliable language toolkit for‍ learners of all backgrounds. Explore this comprehensive dictionary set now and enhance your ⁤language skills!

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Comprehensive Reference Tools

When it comes ⁣to Comprehensive Reference Tools, this set has everything we‌ need to enhance our language skills.⁤ With the Modern ‍Chinese Dictionary 7th‍ Edition, the Oxford Advanced Learner’s English-Chinese Dictionary 8th Edition, and the Commonly Used Characters in ⁣Ancient Chinese Dictionary 5th Edition, we ⁣have a range​ of​ resources⁤ at our fingertips. Whether we’re looking up‍ modern Chinese terms, translating English⁢ to Chinese, ‌or delving into the ​world of ancient⁣ Chinese characters, this set has us covered.

The combination of dictionaries in this ​set allows us to easily navigate between different languages and⁣ time periods. The Modern Chinese Dictionary is perfect for everyday language usage, while⁢ the Oxford ‍Advanced⁣ Learner’s ​Dictionary‍ helps us with more advanced vocabulary. Additionally, the Commonly ⁣Used Characters⁤ in Ancient Chinese Dictionary is a valuable resource for those interested⁣ in studying ancient texts. Overall, ‍this set ​is a must-have ⁤for anyone looking to expand their language skills and knowledge. Don’t miss out, get your ⁤hands on this comprehensive reference set ​today! .

Top-notch Quality and Convenience

We ‍recently purchased ‌this incredible set of dictionaries and we couldn’t be happier with the​ quality and ​convenience they provide. The modern Chinese dictionary, the Oxford Advanced Learner’s English-Chinese Dictionary, and the Ancient Chinese Character Dictionary make for​ a comprehensive collection that covers all our language needs.⁢ The dictionaries are well-organized, user-friendly, ‌and offer detailed definitions and examples that have been incredibly helpful‍ in our language studies.

The ⁤sturdy ⁢construction and compact size of these dictionaries make them perfect for carrying around with us ‍wherever we go. Whether ⁢we’re studying at school, working on⁣ a translation project, or simply enhancing our language skills,​ having this set on hand has been⁤ immensely convenient. The‍ wealth ⁢of information contained within these pages is truly⁢ impressive, and we highly recommend this top-notch set to anyone looking to improve their language ⁣proficiency. Get your own set now and elevate your language learning journey!

Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

After researching and obtaining feedback from customers who⁢ have purchased the⁢ 【学校推荐套装】现代汉语词典第7版+牛津高阶英汉双解词典第8版+古汉语常用字字典第5版 古汉语英语词典现汉牛高 商务印书馆 set, we have gathered some key insights:

Overall Satisfaction:

Customers have expressed high levels of satisfaction with this language ‍reference ⁣set.​ They appreciate the comprehensive coverage of modern Chinese, Oxford English, and ancient Chinese in one package.

Ease of Use:

Many customers have mentioned that the dictionaries are easy⁤ to navigate ​and provide clear definitions and translations. The inclusion of ancient Chinese dictionary has been especially useful for⁤ those ⁢studying classical literature.

Value for Money:

Customers feel that the set offers⁢ great value‌ for‌ money considering the quality and quantity of dictionaries included. ‍They ⁢find it to‍ be a worthwhile investment for language ⁢learners.

Review Rating
“This set has been ⁣a⁣ lifesaver for my studies. I‍ highly⁢ recommend it to ⁣anyone⁢ learning Chinese or English.” 5 stars
“I⁢ was pleasantly surprised by the ⁤depth of information⁣ provided ‍in these dictionaries. A must-have for language enthusiasts.” 4.5 stars
“The ancient Chinese dictionary has been a game-changer for my research. Such a valuable addition ‌to my collection.” 5 ⁢stars

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons


  • Comprehensive language reference set covering Modern Chinese, Oxford English, and Ancient Chinese dictionaries.
  • High-quality publications from renowned⁣ publishers.
  • Useful‌ for students, teachers, ​and language enthusiasts.
  • Clear definitions and explanations for easy‌ understanding.
  • Convenient ⁢all-in-one set ⁤for language learning and research.


  • May be ‍too advanced for beginners or casual learners.
  • Large and heavy set, not ideal for carrying around on-the-go.
  • Expensive investment for individuals on a budget.
  • Limited updated content compared to online resources.


Q: Is this language reference⁢ set⁣ suitable for students studying Chinese and ​English?

A: Absolutely! This set ‍is perfect ​for students who are learning both Chinese and English. The Modern⁤ Chinese dictionary and ⁣the Oxford English dictionary will provide ⁣comprehensive definitions ​and explanations, while the Ancient Chinese dictionary will help students delve into the​ roots ⁤of the language.

Q: Are the dictionaries ​easy to use and understand?

A: Yes, the dictionaries in this set are user-friendly and organized in​ a‍ way that makes it easy to find the information you need. Whether you’re looking up a word in Chinese or English, these dictionaries will provide clear and concise ⁤definitions.

Q: Can these dictionaries help with translating ancient Chinese texts?

A: Definitely! The Ancient Chinese dictionary included in this set is specifically designed to help with understanding and translating ⁣classical Chinese texts. It’s a‌ valuable resource for students‍ or scholars studying ancient Chinese literature.

Q: Are the dictionaries compact and portable?

A: While these dictionaries are not pocket-sized,⁢ they are still relatively compact and ‍easy to carry​ around. The set ⁢is perfect for students who ⁣want to have reliable ​language references on hand wherever ​they go.

Q: Overall, would you recommend ‌this ‌language reference set?

A: Without a doubt! This⁢ ultimate‍ language reference set is a must-have for anyone studying Chinese and English. The ⁢comprehensive range⁣ of dictionaries included in​ this set will⁢ be invaluable in expanding your language​ skills ⁤and knowledge.

Embody Excellence

In conclusion,​ the Ultimate ‍Language‌ Reference Set including the Modern Chinese Dictionary, Oxford English Dictionary, and Ancient Chinese Dictionary is truly a game-changer for language learners and enthusiasts. With its comprehensive content and user-friendly design, this set is a must-have ⁤for anyone⁢ looking to expand their language knowledge and skills. Don’t miss out on ⁢this amazing collection⁤ that will undoubtedly enhance your‍ language learning journey. Get your hands on the set today and take your linguistic abilities to ⁤the next level!

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