Elevate Your Powder Room with the KOHLER Taut Single-Handle Faucet

Elevate Your Powder Room with the KOHLER Taut Single-Handle Faucet

If you’re ‌in the​ market for a new bathroom sink faucet, look no further than the KOHLER 74013-4-2MB ⁤Taut Single-Handle Bathroom ⁣Sink Faucet in Vibrant‍ Brushed Moderne Brass. We recently⁤ had the‌ pleasure of trying⁣ out this stylish and functional faucet, and we were ‍impressed with its sleek design and ‌durability. From ​the easy installation process⁤ to‌ the⁢ leak-free ceramic disc valve, this faucet exceeded our expectations in terms ⁣of both performance and longevity. Join us as‌ we delve ⁢into ⁢the details of this KOHLER masterpiece and ⁢discover why it’s a top choice for any bathroom⁢ remodel.

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When it comes to elevating the ⁤elegance of your powder room decor, look no further than the KOHLER 74013-4-2MB Taut ​Single-Handle Bathroom Sink Faucet. This ⁣stylish single-lever handle is made with a ‌leak-free ceramic ‌disc valve that exceeds industry‍ standards of longevity and performance. With a Vibrant Brushed Moderne Brass finish,‍ this faucet brings ‌a touch of sophistication to ⁤any bathroom ​space.

Designed ⁣with your convenience in mind, this faucet comes with a 3-15/16″ ⁣spout reach and a 1.2 gpm maximum flow rate‍ at 60 psi. The​ single-hole installation makes it easy to set ‍up, ‌and the flexible supply lines are⁣ pre-installed for⁤ quick and ‍hassle-free installation. Plus, with KOHLER’s Lifetime Limited Warranty and premium lasting finishes, you can purchase with ‌confidence knowing that this faucet is⁢ built to last.Upgrade your bathroom with the KOHLER Taut Single-Handle Bathroom Sink ⁣Faucet today and add a touch ​of luxury to your space. For more product details⁣ and to make a purchase, click here!

Impressive Features and Design

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The KOHLER 74013-4-2MB Taut Single-Handle Bathroom Sink Faucet in Vibrant ‍Brushed Moderne Brass⁤ boasts an array of impressive features and a sleek design that will elevate ‍the⁣ look of⁢ any bathroom.⁢ The single-lever handle is⁣ not only stylish but also made with a leak-free ceramic disc valve that exceeds industry standards of longevity ⁤and performance. This faucet offers ⁢a maximum flow⁣ rate of 1.2 gpm, making it both efficient and water-saving.

With ‍a 3-15/16″ spout reach, this faucet is designed for‍ easy use and‌ installation. The single-hole⁤ installation process is made even simpler with the included pre-installed flexible supply‍ lines. The KOHLER design of this faucet is meant to bring an⁢ elevated elegance to any powder room decor, and its versatility allows it​ to​ fit seamlessly with different ‍bathroom sinks, bathroom vanities, RVs, or any bathroom remodel. Purchase with confidence knowing⁢ that this ⁤product is backed by​ KOHLER’s Lifetime ‍Limited‍ Warranty and premium lasting finishes that are corrosion and tarnish-resistant. Upgrade your bathroom with this sophisticated faucet today! Check it out here.

In-depth Analysis and Recommendations

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When it comes to the KOHLER 74013-4-2MB Taut Single-Handle Bathroom Sink Faucet, Vibrant Brushed Moderne Brass, we were thoroughly impressed by its sleek⁢ design and high-quality construction. The 3-15/16″ spout reach⁣ and 1.2 gpm maximum flow rate make‌ it a practical and efficient choice for​ any bathroom. The single-hole installation feature, along with pre-installed flexible supply lines, ensures easy‌ and quick setup, saving you time and effort.

Furthermore, the ⁢leak-free ceramic disc valve and ​stylish single-lever handle guarantee longevity ⁢and top-notch performance, surpassing industry standards. The faucet’s Vibrant⁣ Brushed Moderne Brass finish adds ​a touch of ‍elegance to any powder ⁤room decor. With⁢ KOHLER’s Lifetime Limited Warranty ⁣backing this ‍product, you can make your purchase ​with confidence, knowing that it⁢ is built to​ last. If you’re looking to ​upgrade your‍ bathroom with a durable, stylish, and reliable ‌faucet, the KOHLER Taut Single-Handle ⁢Bathroom Sink Faucet‍ is the perfect choice for you. Don’t miss out, get yours‌ today!

WaterSense Certification
EPA Criteria Met
California Energy Commission Registration

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Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After carefully analyzing ⁤the customer reviews for the‍ KOHLER Taut Single-Handle Bathroom Sink Faucet, we are thrilled to share⁣ with you our⁢ findings. ​The general consensus seems to be overwhelmingly positive, with many customers expressing their love for the modern ⁢and sleek design of the faucet.

Key Points from​ Customer Reviews:

Key Highlight Customer Feedback
Modern Touch “I love this Kohler faucet has a modern touch and sleek look. I just remodeled my powdered bathroom look luxurious and ‍modern at the same time.”
Good Quality “They look and feel fantastic. To me it was worth the price for​ good quality.”
Simple⁢ and Modern “So simple ⁤and modern without looking too⁣ flashy. Exactly what I was looking for.”
Beautiful Design “Love this faucet. It’s beautiful and works well.”
Quality Addition “Quality made, nice addition ⁣to contemporary bathroom remodel.”
Overall Satisfaction “Excelente”

It’s ‍evident that customers ⁤appreciate the high-quality craftsmanship‍ and aesthetic appeal of the KOHLER Taut ‍Single-Handle​ Faucet. Whether it’s for a luxurious master ​bath ‍or a modern hallway bathroom, this faucet seems to be a versatile and stylish choice for any space.

We hope this analysis‍ helps you make an informed decision for your next bathroom upgrade. Stay tuned ​for more product reviews​ and insights from us!

Pros & Cons

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Pros ‍&​ Cons


1. Stylish Design
2. Single-Handle‌ for Easy Operation
3. ​High-Quality Materials
4. Easy Installation Process
5. WaterSense Certified
6. Lifetime Limited Warranty


1. Escutcheon Plate Sold Separately
2. Limited Finish Options
3. ⁣Higher Price Point

Overall, the KOHLER Taut Single-Handle Faucet is a⁣ stylish and‌ high-quality option for your powder room. While it may have a few drawbacks, such as the need for additional accessories and‍ a⁤ higher price point, the benefits ⁤of the⁤ design, ease​ of ​use, and certifications make it a worthwhile investment.


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Q: Is the KOHLER Taut Single-Handle Faucet easy to install?
A: Yes, the faucet is ⁣designed for single-hole installation ⁤and comes with flexible supply lines pre-installed to‌ make the installation​ process faster and easier.

Q: What kind ‍of finish does the faucet⁣ have?
A:​ The faucet features a Vibrant⁤ Brushed Moderne Brass finish, which adds‌ a touch of elegance to any powder room decor.

Q: ⁤Is ‌the faucet durable?
A: Yes, the faucet is made ​with leak-free ceramic disc valves that exceed ⁤industry standards of longevity and‌ performance, ensuring durability for‍ years to come.

Q: Is ⁣this faucet water-efficient?
A: Yes,⁣ the ‍KOHLER Taut Single-Handle Faucet is ​WaterSense certified⁣ and meets EPA criteria for water efficiency, helping you conserve water without sacrificing performance.

Q: Does the faucet come with a ‍warranty?
A: Yes, the faucet is backed by KOHLER’s Lifetime Limited Warranty, giving you peace of mind when purchasing our products.

Unleash Your True Potential

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As we bring‌ our review of the KOHLER Taut ⁣Single-Handle ⁢Bathroom Sink Faucet to a close, we can confidently say that⁤ this stylish and efficient‌ fixture is sure ⁢to elevate your powder room experience. With its sleek design, easy installation, and durable construction, KOHLER has once‌ again delivered a ‍product that combines both form⁣ and function seamlessly.

If you’re ready to upgrade your bathroom decor⁣ and add a touch of elegance, look no ⁤further than ‌the KOHLER Taut Single-Handle‍ Faucet. Click here to​ make this stunning addition to ⁢your powder room: Purchase Now!

Thank you for reading and happy shopping!

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