Faucet Marvel: Moen’s Streamlined Wall Mount Wonder

Faucet Marvel: Moen’s Streamlined Wall Mount Wonder

Welcome to our review of the ⁤Moen M-DURA Commercial Chrome One-Handle Wall Mount⁢ Kitchen Faucet, model 8713. As connoisseurs​ of both functionality ⁢and style in the kitchen, we couldn’t wait to ⁢get our hands on this​ sleek ​addition to the culinary workspace.

Imagine a faucet that effortlessly blends utility and‍ elegance, designed specifically‍ for the demanding environment of commercial⁢ kitchens but equally at home in any culinary haven. The Moen M-DURA Commercial Chrome One-Handle Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet is precisely that—a seamless fusion of form and function.

From the moment we unpacked it, we were struck by its understated yet striking‍ appearance.⁣ The chrome ⁤finish exudes a cool, modern vibe while promising durability that can withstand the rigors of ​daily use. But it’s not just about looks; this faucet means business.

With‍ its ⁤single-handle design, adjusting water volume and⁣ temperature is a breeze, offering unparalleled ⁣convenience in the midst of culinary chaos. Whether you’re ⁢rinsing vegetables,⁤ scrubbing pots, or‌ filling up a stockpot, the steady aerated stream ensures efficiency without compromising ​on performance.

What truly sets this faucet apart, though, is its vandal-resistant construction. In a bustling commercial kitchen where accidents are bound to happen, the Moen M-DURA stands its ground,⁤ deterring tampering and ensuring uninterrupted ‍workflow.

But it’s not just⁤ about toughness; Moen has also ‌prioritized accessibility and ‌compliance. ADA compliant, certified to ANSI/NSF⁢ 61/9, and meeting California Proposition 65 standards,​ this faucet is a testament to Moen’s commitment to inclusivity and safety.

Whether you’re a professional chef commanding ⁤a ⁤bustling kitchen brigade or a home cook seeking reliability and ⁣style, the Moen M-DURA Commercial Chrome One-Handle Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet‍ is a ⁤worthy investment. Join us as we delve ‌deeper into its features, performance, and overall value in our comprehensive review.

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The Moen M-DURA Commercial Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet brings both functionality and style to any commercial kitchen space.⁣ With its streamlined design,‍ adjusting water volume and temperature is a breeze​ using⁢ the single lever‌ handle. This faucet delivers a steady aerated ⁢stream ​of up to 1.5 gallons per minute, perfect for everyday ​cleaning tasks. Crafted from solid brass and finished with sleek chrome, its vandal-resistant design ensures ⁤durability while preventing tampering.

Designed for ease of use, this faucet boasts a 9-inch spout and 1/2-inch IPS connections. The ⁢pull-on/push-off lever⁣ handle, with ⁤hot and cold color ⁤indicators, provides intuitive control over‌ water temperature. Installation is ‍hassle-free, with ADA compliance and certification to ANSI/NSF 61/9 and California Proposition 65 standards. Moen Commercial products are built to withstand the‍ toughest conditions in commercial and institutional settings, making them ideal for constant use in the real world.

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Features and Highlights

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<p>When it comes to functionality and style in your commercial kitchen, the Moen M-DURA Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet is a top contender. Crafted with a simple yet sophisticated design, this faucet boasts a single lever handle that effortlessly controls water volume and temperature. Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling multiple handles!</p>

<p>One of the standout features of this faucet is its steady aerated stream, delivering up to 1.5 gallons per minute for efficient cleaning. Gone are the days of struggling with low water flow. Not to mention, its vandal-resistant design provides peace of mind against tampering.</p>

<table class="wp-block-table">
<td>Spout Length</td>
<td>9 inches</td>
<td>1/2-Inch IPS</td>
<td>Chrome Plated Brass</td>
<td>Flow Rate</td>
<td>2.2 gpm</td>
<td>Wall Mount, 8-Inch Center Set</td>
<td>ADA, ANSI/NSF 61/9, California Proposition 65</td>

<p>Constructed from solid brass with a dazzling chrome finish, this faucet not only enhances the aesthetics of your kitchen but also ensures durability for years to come. The pull-on/push-off lever handle features color indicators for hot and cold, allowing for easy temperature control within a 180-degree arc of handle travel.</p>

<p>If you're looking for a faucet that combines reliability, style, and ease of use, the Moen M-DURA Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet is an excellent choice. Transform your kitchen with this faucet and experience the convenience it brings to your daily tasks.</p>

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Detailed Insights and Recommendations

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After thoroughly examining the Moen M-DURA Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet, we are impressed by its‍ blend ⁢of functionality and style. The faucet’s​ simple yet elegant design allows for easy adjustment of water volume and temperature with ​a⁢ single lever handle. This feature makes it convenient for⁢ busy commercial kitchens, where efficiency is key. Additionally, ‌the steady aerated stream of up to 1.5 ⁢gallons per minute ensures effective cleaning without excessive⁣ water usage, contributing to⁤ both convenience and sustainability.

Key Features Our Take
Streamlined design The minimalist ⁤design enhances the aesthetic appeal while ensuring ease of use.
Vandal-resistant construction Provides‍ peace of mind against ⁤tampering or misuse, ideal ​for commercial settings.
Solid brass construction with chrome finish Combines durability and sleek appearance for long-lasting performance.

This Moen faucet is not only ‍functional but⁣ also ⁣durable, thanks to its solid brass construction and vandal-resistant design. The chrome finish adds a touch of sophistication to any kitchen decor, making ⁤it a versatile choice for various styles. With its ADA compliance and certification to ANSI/NSF standards,​ this faucet ensures both accessibility and quality assurance.​ Overall, we highly recommend the Moen M-DURA Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet for its reliability, durability, and timeless design.

Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

Let’s dive into what customers are saying about the Moen M-DURA ⁤Commercial⁢ Chrome One-Handle Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet,‌ 8713.

Well-Made and Functional

This faucet is praised for its durability and functionality. Despite‍ some minor issues with⁤ installation instructions, customers appreciate its overall quality.

Pros Cons
Well-made Minimal installation instructions

Beautiful Design and Single-Handle Convenience

Customers⁣ love the sleek design and single-handle ‌convenience of this faucet, especially for wall-mounted setups. Some note minor difficulties with installation, but overall, it’s a winner.

Pros Cons
Beautiful design Minor installation difficulties
Single-handle convenience

Durable Investment

Customers emphasize the importance of investing in a durable faucet, and they find this ‌Moen model to be a⁣ worthy choice. While there are some concerns about ⁣maintenance, its ⁤long-term⁤ reliability outweighs these minor drawbacks.

Pros Cons
Durable investment Maintenance concerns
Reliable brand

Functional and Luxurious

Customers appreciate the functionality and luxurious appearance of this faucet. Despite some minor installation ​challenges, its performance and aesthetic make it a standout choice.

Pros Cons
Functional Minor installation challenges
Luxurious appearance

Simple Installation, Elegant Design

Customers find the installation process straightforward, and they admire‌ the‌ faucet’s elegant design. Despite ⁢some sizing issues, it receives praise for​ its overall quality.

Pros Cons
Simple installation Sizing issues
Elegant‌ design

Beautiful Design, Functional Performance

Despite a minor fitting issue, customers praise the⁤ Moen faucet for its⁤ beautiful ⁢design and ‌functional performance. It’s a solid choice for those seeking both style and utility.

Pros Cons
Beautiful design Minor fitting issue
Functional performance

Pros & ⁣Cons

Pros⁤ & Cons


1. Streamlined Design A simple, modern design that adds a touch of elegance to any ⁤commercial kitchen.
2. Single Handle Operation Easily adjust water volume and temperature with⁢ a single lever handle, ensuring convenience and​ efficiency.
3. Steady Aerated Stream Provides ⁢a steady aerated stream⁣ of up to 1.5 gallons per minute, perfect⁣ for everyday cleaning tasks.
4. Vandal-Resistant ​Design Helps prevent tampering, ensuring the faucet remains in​ top condition‌ for longer.
5. High-Quality Materials Constructed from solid ‌brass with a sleek chrome‍ finish, ensuring durability and a stylish look.


1. Installation ⁣Complexity May require⁤ professional installation due ‍to wall-mount design and specific connections.
2. Restricted Flow The⁤ aerator is limited to a 2.2 gpm maximum flow, which may be‌ insufficient‌ for some heavy-duty tasks.
3. Price While the quality justifies the cost, it may be considered pricey for budget-conscious​ consumers.

Overall, the Moen M-DURA Commercial Chrome One-Handle Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet, 8713, offers a blend ‍of style, functionality, and ⁤durability, making it a worthy addition to any commercial kitchen environment.


Q&A Section:

Q: Is ‍this faucet suitable for residential use, or is⁢ it strictly for commercial kitchens?

A: While ⁣the Moen M-DURA Wall Mount⁤ Kitchen Faucet is designed with the demands ⁢of commercial settings in mind, its sleek design ⁢and sturdy construction also make it a fantastic⁣ choice for residential kitchens seeking durability and functionality.

Q:​ Does this faucet ⁢come with a warranty?

A: Yes,‌ Moen stands behind their products, including the M-DURA Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet, with a warranty to provide peace of mind to customers. Be sure to check the specific terms and conditions of the warranty for details.

Q: Is installation ⁤difficult, or‌ can I do it ‌myself?

A:‍ Installing this faucet is designed to be hassle-free. However, if you’re unsure or uncomfortable with DIY projects, it’s‍ always wise to consult a professional plumber to ensure proper installation.

Q: How resistant is the faucet to wear and⁢ tear?

A: Moen Commercial products⁤ are built to withstand⁣ constant use and occasional misuse, ‍making them ideal for high-traffic environments like commercial⁣ kitchens. The vandal-resistant design​ adds an extra layer of durability to⁤ prevent tampering.

Q: ‍Can I adjust‌ the water ‍temperature easily?

A: Absolutely! The single lever handle allows for convenient adjustment of both water ‌volume ⁢and temperature. Plus, the hot​ and cold‍ color indicators make it easy to know the water’s temperature at a glance.

Q:⁣ Is the faucet ADA compliant?

A: Yes, the Moen M-DURA Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet is ⁣ADA compliant, ensuring​ accessibility for all users.

Q: Can I use‍ this faucet with a ⁣water filtration system?

A: Yes, you ⁣can easily connect a water filtration system to this faucet‌ to enjoy clean, filtered ‍water right from⁢ your kitchen ‍sink. Just ensure compatibility with the faucet’s connections.

Q: How long is the spout of the faucet?

A: The faucet features a 9-inch spout, providing ample reach and flexibility‌ for various ​kitchen ⁤tasks.

Q: Is the chrome finish ⁤durable and easy⁣ to clean?

A: The‌ chrome finish not only adds a sleek, ‍modern⁣ look ​to your kitchen ⁣but also offers durability‌ and ease of cleaning. Simply wipe it down with⁢ a damp cloth ⁣to maintain its shine.

Q: What ‍is the maximum flow rate of this ⁤faucet?

A: The aerator is limited to a 2.2 gallons per minute (gpm) maximum flow, ensuring efficient ⁣water usage without compromising performance.

Achieve⁣ New Heights

As we wrap up our ​exploration of the Moen M-DURA Commercial Chrome One-Handle Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet, we can’t help but be impressed by⁢ its blend of functionality and style. This streamlined wonder ⁤is more than just a kitchen⁢ fixture; it’s a ⁣testament to Moen’s commitment to quality and innovation.

With its single lever handle and vandal-resistant design, this ‍faucet is‌ built to withstand the rigors of ⁤everyday use ⁢in a⁣ commercial kitchen environment. The‍ easy wall-mountable design adds convenience to installation, while the solid brass‌ construction ensures⁣ durability for years to come.

Whether‍ you’re ⁤tackling daily cleaning tasks or simply upgrading your kitchen space, the Moen M-DURA faucet is a reliable companion that delivers both performance and elegance.

So⁢ why wait? Experience the convenience and sophistication of​ the Moen M-DURA Commercial Chrome One-Handle Wall Mount Kitchen⁤ Faucet for yourself. Click below to make it yours today!

Get the‌ Moen M-DURA⁤ Commercial Faucet Now!

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