Luxurious Floor Mount Faucet: A Functional and Modern Addition to Your Bathroom

Luxurious Floor Mount Faucet: A Functional and Modern Addition to Your Bathroom

If you’re in the market for a ⁢sleek and modern tub ​filler for your bathroom, look no​ further than the Tub Filler Freestanding Bathtub Faucet in Matte Black. We recently had the opportunity to test out this ‍floor mount tub faucet, ‍and we were blown ‍away by‌ its waterfall spout and handheld shower ⁤capabilities.⁣ Not only⁢ is it convenient for rinsing down⁢ the tub ⁤or refreshing after a bath, but the diverter ⁣knob allows for easy switching between the tub‌ spout and hand shower.

The simple⁣ yet elegant design ‌of this freestanding bathtub filler is suitable for⁣ any decorative ⁣style, and the single lever handle makes it a breeze to‍ adjust temperature and water⁤ flow. Made with‍ durable and high-quality materials, including a CUPC Certified​ ceramic‌ cartridge, this faucet ‌is ⁣built to last ⁢and resist‍ corrosion and tarnishing. Plus, the premium service ⁣and limited ​lifetime warranty ⁢ensure ⁤peace of mind for‍ any potential issues.

Installation is a breeze with all the necessary hardware included, and you can have ⁤this beauty up and running in just about 20⁢ minutes -⁤ saving installation⁢ costs ⁤in ⁣the process.⁤ Overall, we were thoroughly impressed ‌with the Tub ​Filler Freestanding⁣ Bathtub Faucet in Matte Black ​and⁢ highly recommend it for anyone⁤ looking to upgrade their bathroom‍ with a stylish and functional fixture.

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We recently purchased ⁢this ‌freestanding bathtub faucet and we couldn’t be⁢ happier with​ it.⁢ The waterfall spout and handheld shower with a 59-inch hose make cleaning the tub a breeze,‍ and the diverter ​knob allows us to easily switch⁤ between the‍ two. The modern waterfall design adds a touch of elegance to our bathroom, and ⁤the single lever handle makes it​ simple ​to adjust the temperature and water flow. Plus, the durable materials ⁢used ‍in this ‌faucet ‌ensure that‌ it will resist corrosion and ​tarnishing​ for⁣ years ‌to come.

Installing this tub filler was ‍a piece of⁤ cake ‌- all the​ necessary hardware was included, and we were able to ‍complete the installation in about ‌20 minutes. The premium service⁣ and ⁤limited lifetime warranty provided‌ by the​ manufacturer give us ‍peace of mind, knowing that ⁤if we have any issues, they‌ will be addressed promptly. ⁤Overall, we highly recommend this freestanding bathtub faucet to anyone looking to upgrade their bathroom – you won’t‌ be disappointed!

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Unique‌ Design and Style

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The of this‌ freestanding bathtub faucet truly​ sets it apart from the ‌rest. The ⁤modern waterfall spout and ⁢sleek lines give it a‌ sophisticated and elegant look ⁢that will ​complement any bathroom decor. The single‍ lever handle​ makes it easy to adjust the temperature and water ‍flow, while the handheld shower⁣ with a 59-inch hose ‍adds convenience ⁢for rinsing down the ⁤tub ⁤or‍ rinsing off after a bath. Plus, the diverter knob allows you ‍to switch between the⁣ tub spout and hand ​shower‌ effortlessly.

Crafted with durable materials and a CUPC certified ⁢ceramic cartridge, this ⁣tub filler ⁢is built to last. The finish resists corrosion ⁣and tarnishing, ensuring ⁤long-lasting quality. Installation is a⁣ breeze with all the ⁣necessary hardware included, and the simple steps can‌ be⁤ completed in ⁤about‌ 20 minutes, saving you time and money. With ‍premium service and a ⁣limited lifetime warranty, you⁣ can trust ⁤in the quality ⁢and reliability of this freestanding bathtub​ faucet.‍ Experience the luxury and ⁢convenience for yourself – get yours today! Check it out⁣ here!

Easy ‍Installation ⁢and Functionality

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Installing the Tub Filler Freestanding Bathtub Faucet was ⁢a breeze! ‌All the​ necessary hardware was‌ included, and the installation ‌steps were simple to​ follow. In just about 20 minutes, we had the faucet⁣ up and running, saving us ​time and extra costs. The diverter knob allowed us to easily switch‌ between ⁣the waterfall spout and handheld shower,​ making⁣ it‍ very ‌convenient for cleaning the tub‍ or ⁣rinsing off after a bath.

The single ‌lever ⁤handle ‌design of this faucet ⁣not only adds a modern touch to our bathroom, but also makes it easy​ to adjust​ temperature and water flow. The brass construction ⁤ensures durability and resistance to corrosion and⁢ tarnishing.‍ Plus, the CUPC⁣ Certified ceramic cartridge adds reliability⁢ to the product. With the‌ added bonus of a ‌limited lifetime warranty⁣ and ​premium customer service, ‍we⁣ feel confident in ⁣our choice to purchase this floor mount tub faucet.‍ If you’re ⁤looking for ​a stylish, functional, ⁣and easy-to-install⁤ bathtub filler, this is ​the one for you! Check it out ⁣on ⁣ Amazon ​ today!

Recommendation and ⁣Final Thoughts

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We⁤ were thoroughly impressed with ‌the Tub Filler Freestanding ‌Bathtub Faucet. The waterfall spout and handheld shower made it incredibly convenient to clean, while the diverter ‍knob allowed us ‌to easily switch between the tub spout and hand shower. The modern waterfall design added an elegant touch to our ⁢bathroom‍ decor, and the single lever handle made ‍it simple to adjust the temperature and water flow to ⁢our⁢ liking. Additionally, we‍ appreciated the durability ‌and reliability of ⁢the CUPC⁣ Certified ‌ceramic cartridge, ensuring long-term use without any ⁢corrosion or tarnishing issues.

The easy installation process⁣ was ‍a huge plus ⁣for us, as all‌ the necessary hardware ⁣was included and the steps were ‌straightforward. In just ⁢about 20 minutes, we had our new Tub Filler Freestanding Bathtub Faucet up and⁣ running, saving us time and installation costs. Plus, the premium service and limited lifetime warranty⁣ provided us with⁤ peace of mind‌ in case we had any⁢ questions or concerns. Overall, we highly recommend this product for anyone⁣ looking to upgrade their bathroom with ​a stylish and functional freestanding tub faucet. If you’re interested, you can check it⁣ out on Amazon⁢ through⁤ the⁢ link below: ⁢ Check it out here!

Customer Reviews ​Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After carefully analyzing the feedback from our customers, we have compiled a summary ⁣of their experiences with⁢ the Tub Filler Freestanding Bathtub Faucet Matte ⁤Black Floor​ Mount Tub Faucet. Overall, the reviews were positive ⁢with customers highlighting both the aesthetic appeal‍ and functionality of the ‍product.

Pros Cons
Easy‌ to install Decreased water ⁤flow
Matches black bathroom accessories Potential water shooting ‌to ceiling
Works well‍ and fills tub quickly Not as quick to‍ fill large ⁤tub
Beautiful waterfall ‌feature Shower wand flow may ​be⁤ slower
Durable matte finish N/A

Customers found the‍ installation process to⁤ be relatively easy, with some⁤ opting for ⁤professional help and others ⁣completing it themselves with the help of online‍ tutorials. The faucet was praised for its sleek design ‌and⁢ matte ⁤black finish, complementing other black bathroom accessories seamlessly.

One common concern⁣ among customers was⁤ the potential decrease in water flow due ‍to the 3/8″ connections, leading to longer fill times for larger tubs. Additionally, there were reports of water shooting to the ceiling if the knob⁢ was left on ‘sprayer mode’ ⁤unintentionally.

Despite these minor drawbacks, customers ⁣appreciated the high-quality material of the ⁣faucet,⁣ with many expressing ⁣satisfaction‌ with the product’s ⁣appearance and performance. The ​waterfall‍ feature was particularly​ popular, adding a luxurious touch to the bathing experience.

In conclusion, the Tub Filler Freestanding Bathtub Faucet Matte Black ⁢Floor⁤ Mount Tub Faucet ⁤received ⁣favorable reviews⁤ for​ its modern design, ease of use, and durability. While some minor issues were ⁣noted, the overall ‍consensus was positive,⁢ making ⁢it a recommended ⁢choice for those looking to upgrade their bathroom with a functional and‌ stylish⁢ addition.

Pros & Cons

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  • Waterfall spout and handheld shower for⁣ convenient⁢ cleaning
  • Modern and elegant ​design suitable ​for⁤ any décor
  • Single lever handle for easy⁢ temperature adjustment
  • Durable CUPC certified ceramic cartridge
  • Resistance to corrosion and​ tarnishing
  • Premium service with⁣ 24-hour response time
  • Easy installation​ saving on installation costs
  • Limited lifetime​ warranty for peace⁢ of ‌mind


  • Some ​users may find⁣ the installation process​ challenging
  • Matte black⁢ finish may show water ⁣spots more easily


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Q: How ‍easy is ‍this floor ⁣mount tub ⁤filler to⁤ install?
A: We ⁢are happy to report that this tub filler⁣ is ⁢very easy to install! All the necessary hardware is included, and the installation steps are ‌simple. You can have it up and running in about 20 minutes, saving you time and money on installation ⁤costs.

Q: Is the handheld shower attachment​ convenient to use?
A: Absolutely! The handheld shower with a⁣ 59-inch hose is extremely convenient for ‌rinsing down⁣ the tub or rinsing off ⁢after a bath. The diverter knob allows you to easily switch between the⁢ tub spout and the‌ handheld shower for added versatility.

Q: Can⁤ this​ tub filler withstand the test of time?
A: ⁤Yes, it can! This freestanding bathtub faucet‍ is made with durable and reliable materials, including a CUPC certified ceramic ‌cartridge.‍ The finish is resistant to corrosion and tarnishing, ensuring that it will look and function like new⁣ for years to come.

Q: What kind of⁤ warranty does ‍this product‌ come with?
A: We⁤ are pleased to offer a ⁤limited lifetime‌ warranty on this free-standing bathtub filler. If you have any ⁢questions or issues, please don’t​ hesitate to contact ⁣us, and we will ‌address them promptly within 24 hours.

Q: Does the modern waterfall design of this tub filler complement different‍ bathroom styles?
A: Yes, it does! The simple and ⁣elegant style with smooth lines of this tub ⁤filler is‌ suitable‌ for any decorative style. The single lever‌ handle allows ⁤you ‌to easily adjust the temperature and water ⁤flow, adding a ‌touch ‍of ‌modern luxury to ⁤your bathroom.

Experience the Difference

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As ⁣we wrap up our review of the Luxurious Floor Mount Tub Filler Faucet, we can’t help ‍but admire ⁣its functional yet modern design ‌that truly elevates any‍ bathroom space. With its convenient waterfall ⁣spout, handheld⁣ shower, and easy installation process, this tub filler is a must-have for anyone looking‍ to add a touch of ⁢luxury to their home.

If you’re ready to transform your bathing​ experience, click⁤ here to purchase the Tub Filler⁣ Freestanding Bathtub​ Faucet Matte‍ Black Floor Mount⁤ Tub ​Faucet Waterfall Free Standing Bathtub ‌Filler‌ High Flow Brass Bath Shower ⁤Faucets with ‍Handheld Sprayer ⁤on Amazon. Trust us, ‍your bathroom will thank you!

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