Revamp Your Bathroom: Moen 90 Degree Faucet Review

Revamp Your Bathroom: Moen 90 Degree Faucet Review

Welcome,‌ fellow bathroom renovators and design enthusiasts! Today, ‌we’re ‍diving⁣ into ‌the sleek and sophisticated world of modern bathroom fixtures with the Moen⁤ 90⁢ Degree Chrome Two-Handle Widespread Bathroom Faucet. If you’re on the quest for⁢ a statement piece that seamlessly blends form and function, you’re in ⁢for a treat.

Picture this: crisp geometric ​lines, a luminous laminar stream, and the promise of a ‌customizable setup‌ that fits your space like a glove. ⁣That’s exactly what the Moen TS6720 brings to the⁣ table.

Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, this faucet is a‌ testament to ⁢contemporary elegance. With‍ its two⁢ lever handles and a versatile installation range of ⁤8 to 16 inches, it’s a breeze‌ to​ tailor ⁤to your preferences. ​

But here’s ⁣where it gets ⁣even better: this beauty is not just ‍about looks. It’s a water-saving marvel, meeting‍ WaterSense⁢ criteria without compromising on performance. Plus, its compatibility with‍ the Moen M-PACT ‍valve ⁤system ensures‌ that⁢ your investment ‍remains future-proof, allowing for easy ⁣updates without‍ plumbing headaches.

Whether ⁤you’re aiming ‌for a bold, minimalist vibe or seeking to complement an existing modern aesthetic, the Moen 90⁤ Degree Chrome Two-Handle Widespread Bathroom ⁣Faucet is your ticket to ‍a stylish ‍sanctuary. So, join us as we dive into the details and ​discover why this faucet ‍deserves a prime spot in your bathroom ⁣renovation plans.

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Considering an ⁤upgrade to your bathroom? Dive into‌ the sleek and ​contemporary world of ⁤modern design with our‌ featured faucet. Crafted ​with geometric precision and ⁢boasting ⁢a stunning laminar stream, this faucet⁢ epitomizes sophistication. ⁢Its versatile installation range, spanning ⁣from ⁣8​ to 16 inches, allows ​for a tailored​ appearance, adapting effortlessly to your space.

Constructed to withstand the ‍test of time, this faucet doesn’t ⁣just enhance your bathroom aesthetics; it’s an investment in durability.⁤ The WaterSense certification ensures efficient water usage without ⁢compromising performance, while⁣ the‌ Moen M-PACT valve system offers future-proof flexibility. ​Elevate your ⁣bathroom ​experience with this enduring addition from Moen’s renowned 90 Degree Collection.

Ready ‌to⁤ elevate your bathroom aesthetics? Shop ‍now ‌and indulge in timeless elegance.

Exploring the Design

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When delving into the design of this bathroom ‌faucet, it’s​ impossible not to notice the​ seamless blend of modern aesthetics and functional versatility. The ⁢faucet’s geometric forms bring a contemporary flair ⁢to any bathroom space, while its clear laminar stream adds​ a ⁣touch ​of‍ elegance to the overall look. What sets this faucet‍ apart is‍ its flexibility;⁢ with two ⁣lever handles that can be ‍positioned anywhere between 8 and 16 inches,⁤ customization becomes effortless, ⁢allowing us to ​create a personalized setup ⁣that suits our preferences.

Furthermore, the ‍chrome ⁢finish not only enhances the faucet’s visual‌ appeal with its mirror-like sheen but also ensures compatibility with various decorating styles. This versatility extends to its‌ compatibility ⁤with the Moen M-PACT valve system, offering long-term flexibility in updating​ the faucet’s style ‌without the hassle of​ replacing plumbing. Combined with its WaterSense certification ​for water conservation and Moen’s Limited Lifetime Warranty for durability, this faucet isn’t ⁤just a‍ stylish addition but also a practical and reliable choice for any ​modern bathroom.

Functionality in Detail

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Let’s delve into the ​functionality ​of this⁢ ultra-modern bathroom faucet. With its sleek ​design and ⁤customizable features, it offers a⁢ seamless experience. The faucet boasts geometric forms and a clear laminar stream, elevating the aesthetics of any bathroom. Installing ⁣the two lever ‍handles at your preferred distance between ‌8 and 16 inches allows for a tailored appearance, ensuring it complements your existing decor effortlessly. ⁤Whether you opt for the timeless chrome finish or⁢ the striking alternative, this faucet promises a mirror-like look that harmonizes with ⁤any style.

Key ‍Features Details
Longstanding ‌Flexibility Built on the ⁤Moen⁢ M-PACT‌ common valve⁤ system, future style updates are ​hassle-free ⁤without plumbing⁤ replacements.
Water⁣ Conservation WaterSense certification ⁢ensures optimal performance while ‍conserving water, meeting⁣ EPA criteria.
Durability Backed by Moen’s Limited Lifetime Warranty, this​ faucet is built to last, ⁣promising enduring quality.

Moreover, its⁤ WaterSense certification guarantees efficient water usage without compromising performance, contributing to‌ both ​sustainability and savings. ⁢Built on the Moen M-PACT valve​ system, future upgrades⁤ are a⁣ breeze, eliminating the need for plumbing alterations. This⁣ faucet ‌seamlessly integrates with other products in the 90 Degree Collection, ‌allowing‍ for​ cohesive bathroom⁤ design. With its versatility, durability,​ and‌ innovative⁤ design,⁣ this⁢ faucet is not just ‍a functional addition but also a‍ statement piece in modern bathroom aesthetics. ‍Experience the blend ⁤of style⁢ and functionality by ordering now.

Our Recommendations

When⁤ it comes to modernizing your bathroom, the Moen 90 Degree faucet​ effortlessly stands out with its⁤ sleek design and innovative features. Crafted with ⁢geometric precision, ⁤this ‌faucet exudes contemporary elegance that⁢ instantly elevates any ⁢bathroom space.

  • **Geometric Minimalism:**‌ The faucet’s clean ‌lines and square corners offer​ a minimalist aesthetic that ‌complements modern decor styles, making it a versatile addition to any bathroom.
  • **Customizable Installation:** With ⁢the flexibility ⁢to ​adjust between 8 ​to 16⁣ inches, the faucet allows for ‌a ⁣tailored installation, ensuring ⁢it seamlessly‌ integrates with your existing sink setup.
  • **Water‌ Conservation:** Designed to meet WaterSense‍ criteria, this faucet prioritizes eco-friendliness without compromising ⁣performance, providing a sustainable solution for your daily needs.

Chrome Finish Mirror-like ‍look
M-PACT Valve ⁤System Future faucet style updates
Limited Lifetime Warranty Durable construction

With its ⁤durable construction and ‍innovative features, the Moen 90 ‌Degree faucet​ ensures longevity and functionality for ⁤years to come.​ Whether⁣ you’re‌ redesigning your bathroom or simply⁤ upgrading⁤ your fixtures, this faucet promises to be a stylish⁣ and reliable choice.

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Customer​ Reviews​ Analysis


Customer Reviews Analysis

This ‍is an awesome faucet. ‍I was skeptical at first after I read a review about when there is low pressure that the water flows back, but this‌ does​ not happen‍ and ⁢this is a great ​faucet. I am a⁤ very picky person when it‌ comes⁤ to quality so when this piece arrived ​I was⁢ excited to see that all ⁢parts are quality and⁣ built ⁣of ‍metal. ⁢The water does not ​splash everywhere and has a nice waterfall pattern when ​on.​ Installation was not too difficult but the manual just comes with ‌pictures ​so you kind of have to know what you are ​doing. Overall it is a great faucet⁤ and well worth the money. ⁤Don’t forget to buy the rough in valve as this is just the​ trim.

Love the modern design, ⁤installation went well, ​had ​to get longer hoses as the ones coming with the package were too short.The coming years will show ‍if quality is⁤ keeping up to the design. Am so⁤ tired⁢ to replace the Chinese junk every 2 years. 4 ⁤stars for the ‍appearance, 5‌ if the faucets are ​in⁢ working​ order after 5 years.

These look and work wonderfully in⁤ my bathrooms! You need a plumber and​ the valves (sold separately) to install them. But,‍ they are a beautiful addition to my home. Moen is my go-to ⁤brand for plumbing ⁣fixtures. They last, ​look ⁣beautiful ​and never break.

Looks good but poor design

I decided to purchase this⁢ faucet ​because of the following:

  1. Moen guarantees their products for life AND
  2. the elegant, modern styling

I ordered 2 of these one for each bathroom. It took me⁤ about 6 hours to‌ install both ⁤faucets, but of that time I⁣ emptied my vanities, ⁣uninstalled​ my existing faucets and had to clean the mounting area of the​ sink of the ‍old plumber’s putty​ and⁣ calcium build-up. The​ installation was pretty easy even though there are ⁣no written instructions (only pictures). This faucet⁢ style is much better looking in person. I liked ‍the style that I saw online, but I absolutely love the look of the faucet in person and even ​more once they were installed. For anyone that ‌is looking for a quality made product and‌ likes the modern styling,⁤ I would highly recommend this product. ⁣offered the⁤ best price.

Beautiful, requires wiping down⁢ every day because shows water spots, water ‍curves⁣ backward on⁣ low volume and​ will run ‍onto ‌counter.

Installed this in my half bath downstairs which is​ used primarily for ‌guests. Every ‍time someone new comes over and uses ‍the ⁣restroom has expressed some ‍sort of⁢ fascination and “liking” of the faucet. I have a modern condo⁢ mixed with old⁢ traditional design and​ this works⁤ perfectly for our bathroom decor/setup. This faucet has gotten ⁤remarks from friends and family of “I ⁣love that faucet”…”looks cool and futuristic”…”I feel like I enter ⁤into a⁢ high-end hotel bathroom when⁤ using your half bath”. Extremely happy with‍ purchase and is obviously extremely functional and practical and works as ⁣intended. No​ leaks whatsoever.

Product arrived as ⁤described. Arrived earlier than expected and quality was excellent.

Great ‍product. Plan your removal and⁣ installation well⁤ – pay attention to the orientation of the connector for the ‍spout.

The product I received came damaged (from⁢ the manufacturer), but after ordering it in January⁤ and ⁢not ⁢checking ⁤it or installing it until March,‍ I was outside of the return window. I had very little ​faith that ‍Moen was going to help with a replacement part, so I contacted Amazon support and they came through for⁤ me and have⁢ sent me ​a replacement. I’m super grateful and impressed with Amazon’s customer service! ⁤I had thought that if the shipping box‍ wasn’t damaged, and the product ‌box‌ wasn’t damaged that ⁣I was good, but learn from‌ me – check the ⁣product right ⁣away.

Good quality. Looks sharp. Good flow of water. Love it!



Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons


Modern ⁤design⁣ adds a sleek touch to any bathroom
Customizable installation between 8″ to 16″ for flexibility
WaterSense certified for ⁣water conservation without sacrificing performance
Compatible with Moen M-PACT valve system for easy⁣ future upgrades
Backed by Moen’s Limited Lifetime Warranty ​for peace of ⁢mind


Valve sold separately, adding⁢ to overall cost
Chrome finish ​may require frequent cleaning to maintain its mirror-like look


Q&A ‍Section

  1. Is the⁤ Moen⁣ 90 Degree Chrome Two-Handle Widespread⁢ Bathroom Faucet easy to ‍install?

    • Yes, the ‍Moen 90 Degree ‍Faucet is designed for⁤ easy installation.⁢ However, please note that the valve (Moen⁤ 9000 M-PACT Two-Handle Widespread Valve) is sold separately and is required to ⁢complete⁢ the installation.

  2. Does ​this faucet meet water ⁤conservation standards?

    • Absolutely! This faucet is ⁣WaterSense certified, meeting EPA criteria for water ⁤conservation without compromising performance. It’s ​a great choice for environmentally-conscious users.

  3. Can I ⁣customize the distance between the ⁣handles during installation?

    • Yes, you have the flexibility to install the handles ⁢at any‌ distance between 8 to 16 inches, allowing for a ⁣customized look that suits your preferences and ​the layout of your sink.

  4. What finishes are available for the Moen 90 Degree⁣ Faucet?

    • This faucet is available in ‌two ‍eye-catching finishes: Chrome and‍ Brushed Nickel. Both options ​offer a sleek, modern⁢ appearance that complements various bathroom styles.

  5. Does the Moen‍ 90 Degree Faucet⁣ come‌ with a ‌warranty?

    • Yes, it‌ is backed‌ by ‍Moen’s Limited ​Lifetime Warranty, ensuring that you ⁤can enjoy ⁤your faucet for years​ to ⁣come with peace of mind.

  6. Is the​ Moen M-PACT valve⁣ system compatible with other Moen ⁣faucets?

    • Yes, the Moen M-PACT valve system allows you to update the faucet style ⁢in the future ⁢without replacing any plumbing. It is designed for ​long-term flexibility and⁤ compatibility with⁣ other Moen products.

  7. What is the design‍ style of⁣ the Moen 90 Degree ⁣Faucet?

    • The ⁤Moen 90 ⁢Degree Faucet ​features a minimalist design with⁤ geometric forms, square corners, and ⁣straight lines,⁤ adding a modern touch to ⁣any three-hole sink. Its clear laminar​ stream enhances its aesthetic appeal.

  8. Can I ⁤use this faucet in a ⁢commercial setting?

    • While the ‌Moen‍ 90 Degree ⁤Faucet is primarily designed for residential use,‍ it⁣ can be suitable⁤ for light commercial applications such as in offices or boutique settings where a modern and durable faucet is desired.

  9. Does ⁣this ‍faucet come with ⁢a pop-up drain assembly?

    • No, the ⁤Moen 90⁣ Degree Faucet does‍ not include a pop-up drain assembly. If you require a pop-up drain, ⁢you would need to ‌purchase it separately⁤ to complete‍ your sink setup.

  10. Is⁢ the chrome finish durable and ⁢easy to clean?

    • Yes, the chrome ⁢finish on ‍the Moen 90 Degree Faucet is highly reflective for a mirror-like look ⁣and ⁢is designed to be durable and easy to clean, ⁢maintaining its shine⁤ with regular care.

This Q&A section provides helpful information ‌for ‌potential buyers⁤ of the Moen 90​ Degree Chrome Two-Handle Widespread Bathroom Faucet, addressing common questions ⁣and concerns about its‍ features, installation, ⁢compatibility, ‍and​ maintenance.

Transform Your World

As we⁤ draw the curtains on our exploration ⁤of the Moen 90 Degree⁣ Chrome Two-Handle ‍Widespread Bathroom Faucet,⁤ we find ourselves captivated by its sleek design, versatility, and commitment to water ⁢conservation. This‍ modern marvel promises ⁢not ⁣just functionality but also an aesthetic upgrade to any bathroom space.

With its geometric forms, ⁤clear laminar stream, and customizable ‍installation options, the Moen ⁤90 ⁤Degree faucet stands ‌as⁢ a beacon ‌of contemporary elegance. Its compatibility⁢ with the Moen⁤ M-PACT valve system ensures long-term​ adaptability, allowing you to effortlessly ⁢update‍ your faucet’s⁤ style without the hassle of plumbing work.

Moreover, with its WaterSense certification and durable construction, ⁤this faucet embodies the perfect marriage⁤ of sustainability and⁤ longevity, ‌backed by Moen’s renowned Lifetime Warranty.

So why wait? Transform your bathroom into a sanctuary ​of modern luxury‌ with the Moen 90 Degree Chrome Two-Handle Widespread⁢ Bathroom Faucet.⁤ Click here to elevate your ⁣space: Get Yours Now!

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