Review: American Standard 3 Handle Shower Faucet – Stylish Savings!

Review: American Standard 3 Handle Shower Faucet – Stylish Savings!

Welcome to our product review blog! ⁤Today, we’re excited to share our experience⁣ with the American Standard 3375502.002 Colony Soft⁤ 3-Handle‌ Bath/Shower in Polished Chrome. This elegant bath/shower trim from the Colony Soft collection not only enhances‌ the ⁤beauty​ of any casual‍ bathroom, but also offers ‌practical features⁤ that help save water and money. With‍ ADA-approved lever handles, an easy clean showerhead, and a⁢ tub ⁢spout, this ​product is ​both stylish and functional.

We had the opportunity to test out this bath/shower trim and were impressed ⁢by its durability and performance. The ceramic disc valve cartridges ensure a lifetime of smooth ‌handle operation and drip-free performance, ⁤while the‍ exclusive handle alignment ⁣system allows for fine tuning ⁣of ​handle position. Additionally,‌ the brass construction is ideal for prolonged contact with water, making it a reliable choice for any bathroom.

Stay tuned as‌ we ​dive⁤ into the details of the American Standard 3375502.002 Colony Soft 3-Handle Bath/Shower and share our honest‍ thoughts and⁤ feedback ‌on this polished chrome ⁤beauty. Whether you’re looking to upgrade ⁤your bathroom or‌ simply seeking a reliable and stylish⁢ bath/shower ⁤trim, we hope ‌our review will‍ help you make an informed decision.

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We were pleasantly surprised by the quality and features of this bath/shower ⁤trim from the ​Colony Soft ⁣collection. The⁣ design is sleek and modern, perfect for casual bathrooms.‍ The ADA-approved lever handles ⁤make it easy to adjust the water temperature and flow,‍ while the Easy Clean showerhead ensures a refreshing shower experience every time.

One ⁢of the standout features of this trim is the exclusive⁣ Handle Alignment System, allowing for precise handle positioning. The Brass Construction not only adds durability but also provides a beautiful surface for the finishes. With⁢ Ceramic Disc Valve ​Cartridges ensuring smooth operation and ⁣leak-free ⁣performance, this trim is a ⁣long-lasting investment for any bathroom. If you’re looking‍ to⁣ upgrade your bath/shower, we highly recommend ⁤checking out this product! Don’t miss out, get your own trim today!

Luxurious Design and Functionality

When it comes to ⁤, the American Standard 3375502.002 Colony Soft 3-Handle Bath/Shower‌ in Polished Chrome truly stands out. This bath/shower trim from the Colony Soft collection is designed ⁣to complement casual bathrooms ⁣with its​ sleek and​ sophisticated look. ⁢The inclusion of ​an easy-clean ⁢showerhead,‌ ADA-approved lever handles, and a​ tub spout adds a ‍touch of elegance to any bathroom.

One ‍of the standout ​features of this product is the ceramic disc valve cartridges, which assure a⁢ lifetime of smooth handle operation and drip-free performance. The​ exclusive handle alignment system allows for ⁣fine-tuning⁤ of handle‍ position, while the wide range⁢ of ⁢durable ⁢finishes gives you options to match your bathroom decor. With ⁤brass construction that is ideal for prolonged contact with water, this bath/shower trim not only looks luxurious but also provides long-lasting durability. Upgrade your bathroom with the American ⁢Standard 3375502.002 Colony⁢ Soft 3-Handle Bath/Shower⁣ in Polished Chrome for a truly ‌sophisticated and functional bathing experience. Ready to elevate your bathroom? Get yours today at Amazon.

Exceptional Durability⁣ and ⁣Easy Installation

When it comes ‍to durability, the American Standard 3375502.002 Colony Soft 3-Handle Bath/Shower truly ‌shines. Constructed with high-quality brass, this product is built to withstand prolonged contact⁣ with ‌water, ensuring that it remains in top condition⁤ for years to come. The ceramic⁤ disc valve cartridges‍ further enhance ​its ​durability, promising a lifetime of smooth handle ⁤operation and drip-free performance.

In addition to its exceptional durability, the installation of‌ this bath/shower trim is⁢ a‍ breeze. With ⁢the exclusive handle alignment system, fine-tuning ​the handle position has never been ⁣easier. The included plastic escutcheon ⁤not only adds a polished look to your bathroom but also serves as a useful tool for testing leaks before finalizing the ⁣installation. Overall, the American Standard 3375502.002 Colony Soft⁢ 3-Handle Bath/Shower combines durability with ease‌ of installation, ​making it a practical and reliable choice for any bathroom renovation project. If you’re looking for​ a long-lasting and hassle-free bath/shower trim, we highly recommend checking out​ this product.

Our Recommendation⁢ for a Stylish ⁢and Reliable ⁣Bath/Shower Option

The American⁢ Standard 3375502.002 Colony Soft 3-Handle Bath/Shower in Polished Chrome‍ is a stylish and reliable option for your bathroom. This ‍bath/shower trim from the Colony Soft ‌collection is designed to complement casual bathrooms with⁣ its sleek and modern design. The trim ⁤includes an Easy clean showerhead, ADA-approved lever handles, and a convenient tub spout for added⁣ functionality.

Featuring‍ Ceramic Disc Valve Cartridges for a lifetime⁢ of smooth handle ⁤operation and drip-free performance, ⁣this ⁢bath/shower option‍ also ​boasts⁢ an‍ Exclusive Handle Alignment​ System ‍for fine-tuning handle position. With a wide⁣ range of durable finishes to choose from, including Polished Chrome, this trim is not only stylish but also built to last. The brass construction⁤ ensures durability, making it ‍ideal⁢ for prolonged contact with water. Don’t miss out on this reliable and elegant bath/shower option – upgrade your bathroom today!⁢ Check it out on Amazon.

Customer Reviews⁢ Analysis

Customer Reviews​ Analysis

Customer Review Our Response
Looking at this item for months, went through⁣ all ‌the Q &⁢ A , feedbacks… We ⁢understand the frustration ⁣of not finding enough information ⁣before making a purchase. ⁢Providing more detailed ‌information​ and ‌photos can ​indeed help ⁤customers​ make⁤ informed ​decisions.
The pieces to this set-up are very thick ⁣and sturdy… We’re⁣ glad to hear that you’re pleased with the quality of⁤ the fixtures.
Nice tub/shower set for​ the ‍$$… Thank you for your feedback on the durability and performance of the product.
It was all​ about how quickly I ‍could fill the tub… We appreciate your insight on the flow rate ‍of the ⁤product and how ⁣it contributes ⁣to a great experience.
Installed by professional plumber about 16 months ago… We’re sorry to hear about the⁤ issue with the center handle and ​appreciate your feedback ⁣on the design flaw.
These​ are real ⁢metal. Not plastic crap most make now and days… We’re ⁣happy ⁣to hear that you’re satisfied with the quality of the ⁢product.
The picture is a misrepresentation of the actual product… We apologize for ‌any⁢ confusion caused‍ by the inaccurate representation of ‌the ⁣product and ⁢are working‌ to rectify it.
Great bath⁢ & ⁣shower faucet by American Standard… We’re thrilled ⁢to hear that‍ the installation process was easy and convenient for you.
We ‌live ⁢in a 70s house that needs 2 handles for the hot/cold and one more for the shower… We’re ⁤glad​ to provide ​a ​reliable‍ replacement option for parts that ⁤are becoming harder to⁤ find.
Wound up returning as​ the plumbing⁤ in the house ⁤didn’t match the set… We appreciate your ​recommendation and hope ​you find a suitable replacement in the future.
The unit is heavy⁤ duty… We’re sorry to hear about the sizing issue and hope you find a better fit​ for your⁢ needs.
Sa fais super bien dans ma salle de bain Merci de partager votre expérience positive!

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons


1. Beautiful design
2. Saves water and money
3. Easy clean showerhead
4. ADA-approved lever handles
5. Ceramic Disc Valve Cartridges for smooth​ operation


1. Plastic escutcheon included
2. Middle handle as diverter can be confusing
3. Exclusive Plaster Guard not necessary for‌ all installations
4. May require professional installation


Q: How easy⁤ is ‍it to install the American Standard‍ 3 Handle Shower Faucet?

A: Installing the American Standard 3 Handle Shower Faucet ​is a fairly straightforward⁢ process, especially if you have some experience with ⁢plumbing. The included instructions are clear and easy to follow, and all the⁤ necessary components are provided. However, if you’re unsure about your plumbing skills, we recommend hiring a professional to ensure a proper ​installation.

Q: Does ⁢the showerhead provide a good water flow?

A: ⁤Yes,⁣ the Easy clean showerhead‍ included with the⁤ American ⁤Standard 3 Handle ⁤Shower Faucet provides a strong and​ satisfying water‌ flow. The showerhead is designed to save water⁢ while still delivering a refreshing shower ⁤experience.

Q: Are the‌ lever handles easy to use?

A: The ADA-approved lever handles on the American Standard ‍3 Handle Shower ⁢Faucet are not only stylish but also very easy to​ use. They provide a comfortable grip and smooth ​operation, making it effortless to adjust the water temperature and‌ flow.

Q: How durable is the construction of ​the shower faucet?

A: The American Standard 3 Handle Shower Faucet is built to last, thanks to its brass construction. This material is ⁢highly durable and ideal⁣ for prolonged contact with water, ensuring that ‌the faucet will ‌withstand daily use for years ⁢to come.

Q: Does the shower faucet come in other finishes besides Polished Chrome?

A: Yes, the American Standard 3 Handle Shower Faucet offers a wide range of durable finishes to choose ⁢from, allowing you to customize the look of your bathroom. Whether you prefer Polished Chrome, Brushed Nickel, or Oil-Rubbed ​Bronze, there’s a finish option to suit your style. ‍

Reveal the Extraordinary

In conclusion, the⁤ American ​Standard 3375502.002 ‌Colony Soft 3-Handle Bath/Shower in Polished Chrome is a stylish and functional addition to any⁤ bathroom. With its water-saving features and‌ durable construction, this shower faucet offers both ​savings ‌and style.

If you’re looking to⁣ upgrade your bathroom with a high-quality fixture ‍that will last a lifetime, look no further than the American Standard 3 Handle Shower‍ Faucet. Click the⁤ link below ⁤to purchase⁣ yours ⁣today and start enjoying⁢ the benefits of this top-notch product:

Get your American ‌Standard 3 Handle Shower Faucet here!

Thank you for reading our⁢ review. Stay tuned for more product recommendations and reviews‍ from us!

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